Vehicle speed sensors (VSS) measure transmission output or wheel speed and relay electrical signals to the control modules which inform critical engine functions such as ignition timing, air/fuel ratio, transmission shift points, and diagnostics. A failing speed sensor can lead to an erratic speedometer, overheating or slipping transmission, reduced fuel economy, or inability to activate cruise control.

This makes vehicle speed sensors a vital piece of vehicle safety equipment, which is why every PRENCO sensor is built to meet or exceed OEM standards using only the best quality components and materials. All PRENCO products are subjected to rigorous dimension, function, thermal, and vibration testing to ensure superior performance and reliability.

  • Engineered for consistent and accurate communication with vehicle control modules.
  • Eliminate corrosion at sensor terminals or connectors that can cause sensor-related faults.
  • PRENCO sensors are continuously validated to OE specifications for fit, form, and function.