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Legacy /ˈleɡ·ə·si/: Something handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor.


The Early Years

The Early Years

Prenco Progress & Engineering Corporation Ltd. was established in 1939 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada producing aircraft parts including gauges, hoses and fittings. Mr. J.K. Chmel immigrated to Canada to escape the impending war in Europe, and as a leading Czechoslovakian industrialist, he brought his expertise to North America to assist in the war effort. He began operating out of an old machine shop in downtown Toronto, building PRENCO into one of Canada’s first aircraft parts manufacturers.


The Allied War Effort

The Allied War Effort
  • During the 1940’s and 50’s, PRENCO met Canada’s need for precision parts by manufacturing such products as gun trigger mechanisms, hydraulic flexible hose, fittings, self-sealing couplings and other parts for aircraft including the Avro Arrow.

From Aviation to Automobiles

From Aviation to Automobiles

With a booming economy, the pace of imported automobiles flowing into the Canadian market accelerated dramatically. In response, PRENCO created a business division to import and distribute European auto parts, a practice that continues today. Elsewhere, PRENCO also began manufacturing components for the oil heating industry while Mr. Chmel sold the hydraulics division to Aeroquip Corp. of USA in 1954.


Innovation Through Development

    PRENCO realized the opportunity to assemble wire sets with available components and sell a full range of high-quality parts in the  automotive aftermarket segment to cover all import and domestic vehicles.


    Real Growth

    Real Growth
    • As PRENCO continued to grow and strengthen it’s grasp on the domestic auto supply industry, the Company went on to specialize in imported car parts. The 70’s brought substantial growth and advances in workmanship.

    Expansion of Distribution

    • PRENCO’s renowned craftmanship leads to establishing multiple warehouses throughout North America, turbocharging our ability to supply parts to OEMs, National Accounts and Buying Groups as well as the traditional automotive after-market

    A Maturing Manufacturer

    • In 1996 a 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse and office facility was purchased to serve as a supplemental distribution center and facilitate the eventual relocation of the existing head office and production facility from Toronto.

    65 Years of Precision Parts

    65 Years of Precision Parts
    • PRENCO releases it’s high-performance “Quadcore” line of premium racing wire sets
    • PRENCO and Brisk join forces to market Brisk’s new high-performance LGS Racing Spark Plug and become co-sponsors of two Pro-Am superbike racers as well as the motorcycle stunt team il-AdviZed

    PRENCO Moves to a New Facility

    • With expanding markets, and complicated logistics, PRENCO decided to consolidate it’s Canadian Headquarters and Warehousing in Pickering, ON.
    • We were proud to have celebrated our 70th anniversary as a market innovator and leader, and look forward to the next 70 years.

    PRENCO Expands to USA

    • PRENCO establishes a warehouse in New Jersey to better serve our ever increasing customer base in the United States

    PRENCO Celebrates 75 Years

    PRENCO Celebrates 75 Years
    • PRENCO celebrates 75yrs of Precision, Performance, Passion and completes a 5000 square foot expansion of it’s facility to house a new packaging facility, doubling our output

    Accelerating our Digital Transformation

    Accelerating our Digital Transformation
    • PRENCO celebrates 80 years and continues applying digital capabilities to it’s processes, products, and assets to improve efficiency, enhance customer value, manage risk, and uncover new monetization opportunities.

    Our passion is in making, our expertise is in engineering. From Jobbers to Distributors to OE Manufacturer’s, PRENCO provides product testing and design for unparalleled results.