PRENCO is a trusted supplier of high-quality OE ignition and engine management solutions. Our engineering expertise and experience enable our unmatched ability to provide the most innovative, durable, and proven automotive replacement parts.

PRENCO PerformaMax® ignition wire sets are designed with premium quality components to tame high voltage, withstand extreme heat, defeat ozone, outlast oil and other damaging chemicals. All wire sets are guaranteed to match OE fitment and specifications – including lead markings, loom, and other accessories – while exceeding OE performance.

  • Flexible Kevlar® fiber inner core for added durability.
  • Ferrite base coating with a Monel-type stainless steel wire core provides greater RF suppression than standard suppressive cable construction.
  • Conductive acrylic latex coating retains the winding during stripping and strengthens the inner core. 
  • EPDM insulation provides superior dielectric strength and resists high temperatures.
  • Nylon tape separator allows for significantly higher surface contact area with EPDM insulation, increasing terminal retention by 12%.
  • PerformaMax’s extra thick outer silicone jacket resists moisture, oil, abrasion, and cracking, due to high temperature extremes.